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Welcome to Energy Signature! + Our community values

Of warm energy signature. Welcome to this course. I'm so glad you're here. I think this is gonna be one of the most fun courses that I've that I teach, and hopefully one of the most fun ones that you experience as well. And I think a big reason why this is gonna be fun is because of us collectively here together.
I really see most of my courses as I'm just gathering warm hearted or just like good hearted wise people to discuss a topic. And nothing is more true than this topic. Of energy signature, which I'll be honest with you, and please don't quit here. I'm not entirely sure what energy signature needs. Did you did I just completely destroy your confidence in this course?
Well, maybe maybe not. I'm I'm of the belief that truth with a capital t or knowledge is always being acquired and we're always we always need to be open and uncertain even to what the truth might be. And I think particularly when it comes to energy signature, it's a very personal matter. And so I'm not gonna say, oh, it's the colors you wear or it's the way that your voice sounds or it's the you know, the the tone the framing of your writing, I I don't know because the way that your energy signature is gonna come across is going to be the way that it's really strong is probably gonna be different than many other people even in this course. So all that to say that I think the greatest value of this course is learning together.
And learning by being witnessed from by others in this course, and then having your energy signature pieces by piece hint by hand reflected back to you to say, perhaps that could be part of your image signature. So this means that the community is very important to this course. And you'll see below this video, the values that I would recommend for our community. I don't have to read them out to you. That's not part of my energy control is to read things to you.
And so you can pause this recording and read below and see if the values resonate with you. If if if something else resonates with you that you think, oh, it might be a a a valuable value as part of this experience together, then comment below and share with us. What what else do you think might be might be helpful? But I think the ones below are are a good start. And the last thing I'll say is that when it comes to a community, each person and how they interact shapes the culture of the community.
Every single time you add a comment or add a reply, you know, how you interact with others, shapes the culture. So just be aware of that and, well, and show up with your energy signature. I know you're all of us, myself included, we're all still exploring and I hope we will be for the rest of our lives because it's not it's not a one time ossification of this is me and and this is my identity and therefore shall be for the rest of eternity. No. We're we're we're loud.
I think this is one of my one of the things I wanna express and then and then we keep exploring that, and then we find new new and deeper ways of of what is authentic to us. So Welcome to this little community reforming for the time that you are participating in this course. Enjoy each other's company. And I look forward to to seeing us create a very powerful container for our authenticity to shine. Thanks for being here.

A warm welcome here!

I see this course as a community... but it’s not just random comments from random people, but rather, focused comments about specific topics, from your kindred spirits.

The most important part of a community is its culture. I consider each of us to be culture-setters. We influence the culture with every interaction we have here. 

A few values I recommend that we keep in mind:

  1. Comment once, reply twice. For each comment that you make, look for 2 other people's comments (especially ones with few comments) and add a reply – with your encouragement and suggestions (if appropriate). This helps to balance the comment/reply ratio, and gives you practice in seeking and giving support in this community.

  2. Notice and name each others' energy signatures. Each person's presence is unique, and each person has their strengths. It can be difficult for us to notice our own, and easier to notice others'. Whenever you reply to someone’s comment, try to name something, however small, that you appreciate about their energy signature. We all have a fear of being fully seen. Let’s help each other feel fully accepted and received.

  3. Receive deeply what others see/feel from you. It’s a meaningful practice. It’ll help you integrate and express better your energy signature. 

Let me know below if these values are helpful, and if you have any suggestions.

The values we embody together here is what makes this course experience amazing for each other 😊

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Last updated 13 Jan 2024.