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Your business priorities need your time and attention...

Alright. So today's foundational segment is one that I myself continue to work with. I think all of us do, which is making time for the activities that move our business forward. Because otherwise, it's too easy to only make time for what other people want us to do. For example, show up to my calls.
It's wonderful. I love having you on my calls, obviously, and I'm grateful you make time for it. The question is whether you are making time for the things that are on your list of priorities. And I'm going to give a link below to a segment in the joyful productivity course that's about Yeah. It's sort of like a segment about, like, when you have clients and different people schedule.
In in your life. You have to manage client appointments, family stuff, whatever, different things. How do you still make space for your own self? Because here's the thing, I think over the years I've realized, I basically draw to me a lot of caregivers. I just I think my energy signature maybe.
You know, I maybe have a overall caregiving kind of energy signature. I don't know whether. Praising myself now too much. Now, I'll praise you instead. I mean, you're you're you're a caregiver.
You you are more caring and supportive than the average human being. I know that much about you. And you also, therefore, tend to now the the the good side is that you are a loving person. Actually, there there is no downside to that. It's like, what we're what what are we hearing on this planet to learn anyway?
But I guess the twist to it or the thing to become more mindful, of course, is people pleasing. And, like, doing things because other people are involved and want us to do it or they ask us for our time and and not being able to do things by ourselves, like not being able to say, no. No. No. I'm gonna say no.
To all of these people, all of these events, all of Georgia's calls, whatever, you know, all the learning that I'm doing. And say no. I'm going to work by myself here at the computer doing some things that are not fun. That's not easy. For caregivers and people pleasers and people who have questionable boundaries.
All of us. Right? I tend to draw people like that to me. So, anyway, the segment below will we'll give you some more insight in in terms of calendar and especially like, well, my client wants to see me at this time. No.
No. You cannot see me at that time. Because I'm working on my blog post. I'm I'm working on my next launch. You can't see me at that time.
That's my time for working on launches. Oh, but but then if I don't, if they don't, if they can't schedule, maybe they won't they won't wanna see me. That's your people pleasing part talking. You have to stand in your confidence and say, you don't wanna see me. You don't wanna see me.
It's fine. I'll get another client. Oh, can I really get more clients? Yes, you can. It's like, this is a it's such such a core energetic shift that you have to keep practicing the shift of energy to say, oh, perhaps I am I am g d awesome.
I am You know, I'm worth it. No. I it's funny. I I'm I'm saying this as I'm, like, Like, there is there also is too much sort of, like, ungrounded confidence building out there. Like, you just gotta believe in yourself and be confident.
It's like, no. You could be grounded in your confidence because you touch back into your soul and realize what a magnificent being you are. And you touch back to your passion for your work and realize, yeah, you're I really I really know something. I I really can do something. You know, I know people people are helped by me.
And anyway, so so all of that means set aside time. And the the reason why I say it's it's relevant for me right now is because I'm actually I'm taking a tight sheet class locally. I'm like, shoot. I'm not taking time to practice. Like, everything else in my life.
I'm not taking time to practice my the class that I'm taking. You know? Because to really develop skills. It's not just showing up to class. It's practicing in between class.
And that's what I'm actually asking you to do. It's not just a show up for my calls, which I love. I hope you show up to all of them that you can, that as long as your calendar for yourself is first set, But it's not just showing up to my calls and coming to my classes. It's practicing in between the classes. Whatever practices are happening that that we talk about.
And in this case, the practice is managing your calendar and go, are you setting aside time for your 111 formula activities. Are you setting aside a time for your for your launches? When's the last time you launched something? Probably too long ago. If it's with if it's past 30 days ago, it's too long ago.
You have to launch something every 30 days. I almost wanna say that's a requirement for staying in ABC. Can I say that requirement? Is was anyone is anyone being scared by this? I I mean, I don't know how you run a business without launching something every 30 days.
I don't know. I don't understand. I Please explain to me how you make any money, how you get any clients without launching every 30 days at least. I don't get it. I launched 2 things every 30 days.
As you can tell, these damn in 2024 dragon year, it's a little bit intense for me actually. I I'm literally launching 2 things. At this last 30 days, I launched 3 things. I did 3 launches between December 20 January 18th 3 lunches. How many did you do?
I'm not saying you gotta do it like I do it, but at least one, Come on. Okay. At least one. Otherwise, you're not gonna make any money. You're not gonna make enough money to pay rent.
Right? Like, this is how we make money by launching. That's why you gotta put in your calendar and launches isn't just, alright. I'm gonna sit down. No.
It takes planning. Like, okay. I mean, you gotta spend 2 hours doing this, 2 hours doing that to and then leading up to the launch. My my launches, I carve out, you know, a religious hour a half every week to do launches. To work towards the next launch.
Right? Gosh. This is like multiple foundation segments in 1. Sorry. But it's still back to the calendar.
That's still the idea. Right? And the launch isn't an exhausting thing. That's not the I talk about gentle launches. That's what I mean.
And a lot of launch isn't salesy. It isn't pushy. It isn't work yourself until you you can't work anymore. No. A launch is simply, hey, everyone remember me.
This is what I offer. 2 emails. To to emails to your subscribers, to social media posts. That's what I mean by a launch. That's how I do it.
Anyway, My book is so softly launch 2 22 social media posts to launch my book. 2. Not 82 like most people do in a single week. 2. And it's number 1, yeah, number 1 new release in small business marketing, number 1 new release in business venturing right now on Amazon.
Which, by the way, is kind of a anyway, that's a separate topic. It's deceptive deceptive first ranking. It only got 43 43 orders and got number 1 new release, and number 3 overall in small business marketing, like, not new release, but I mean, Amazon. Amazon sales are ridiculous. But so yeah.
So yeah. You know, Beth, what qualifies as launch? Yeah. Great question. Yeah.
2 emails and 2 social media posts. That's that qualifies even even one email. I don't care if you do 2 emails to your list. I think you know, I'm not like most marketers. I I launched some things with my email.
It's not it's not how many messages you send also. It's the it's the alignment of the offer to it's the alignment of the offer to to the audience. So in my 3 launches that I did, the past 30 days. The one the thing that I launched with least effort actually made the more made made the most sales, like, 2 and a you know, thus thus far, my books making the lease sales. Energy signature may double the sales course, which by the way, you you don't make money selling books.
I I hope everyone knows that by now. You make money selling courses and programs. And then and then YouTube sold two and a half times energy signature. And I I spent at least an effort selling my YouTube course. The other 2, I spent more effort.
I posted more things. And you're just making sure I think I posted 3 or 4 things. YouTube, I think I posted like, maybe 3 things over the course of 3 weeks. But it's very soft launches. It's all about alignment.
It's like you can you can shout and and post 82 times. And if it if they don't want it, they're not gonna buy it, which is why, like I said, Nagine account. Call me back to the main topic of what this foundation segment is, managing your calendar so that you're doing the 111 formula. Launch is is only one part of that. Remember, market research conversations is another key part.
That's how you find alignment. That's how you figure out, oh, that's what you want me to sell to you. How come I didn't know that? Okay. I'm gonna sell that for my next lunch because otherwise, I'm gonna sell all the things I'm passionate about.
No one wants to buy it. Because we're in our heads, because we are idealists, because we, you know, we are very spiritual. And so, anyway, I hope this is helpful. I think that's a a very rambling foundational segment, but to make it more focused look at the link below about managing your calendar when you have people who want to schedule with you at different times. So that's the key takeaway from this is watch the other videos below.
Thanks. I I hope this has been inspiring again coming back to the key message of are you carving out the time for the things that move your business and your purpose forward, the things that are hard to do. It's hard only because of our fear. It's not hard if we practice It's dissolving our fear. It's not hard.
Nothing is hard, especially if we don't overwork. Right? Nothing is hard. I work. I talk about working lightly.
Nothing is hard. Except our inner blocks and our fear, which is all about reconnecting to the divine source. Again, your divine source. It's like working lightly. Oh my god.
Eternity, lightness, gratitude, love. That is all here. That is all this is about. Oh, nothing to fear. Work lightly.
Develop your skills by working lightly and consistently through the magical tool of a calendar. Is what keeps your your energies channel then focused to developing yourself. No surprise. Your business is gonna work.

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Managing your calendar while making space for clients/family

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