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⏳ How to manage your time with ABC / MasterHeart

Alright. A question here, I think that's really relevant, especially at the start of a program where you are offered so many things, whether it's this program or another program. But it's like, there is so much offered and you see people doing different things that it's it's just not reasonable not to feel behind. Right? Especially when you are wanting to, like, take 3 courses at the same time or 20 at the same time or something like that.
So the question is how do we prioritize our time when We wanna spend all our time just educating ourselves. If you haven't yet looked at my time management framework of care, CARE, which is a very simple way of looking at it. Creating, administering, responding, and educating yourself. You know, it's like, you can look look for it in the joyful productivity course. But, essentially, generally speaking, our most valuable for our business time is spent creating and in some ways responding and in some ways administering if you're doing systems, And in some ways, educating if you are getting just enough to help you create better systems or to create better, or to respond better responding meaning to your social media comments or to your emails and to other people who ask you for certain things.
So how do we not spend our time educating? This requires you to well, in my opinion, carving out enough time for the other areas creating? Have you carved out enough time? Well, what's enough time? It's like, You know?
The enough time creating is around 27 hours per day. It is enough time No. Creating as much time as you can essentially creating content, creating products, creating the next product, creating the next launch. Those are all creating extremely important, of course. But administering is also important, obviously.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have your business without all the admin stuff that needs to get done systems. Optimization, all that stuff as well. Responding, obviously, you need to do that because your clients are looking for your response, and your fans are looking for your response, and that kind of thing. But educating is one quarter, right, of of of of the framework. And, obviously, educating is a high leverage activity If you are taking one lesson and then adding what you can to your own hat manuals, If you don't know what a hat manual is, that's another George lingo that you can find.
I do have a I have a quick primer on YouTube. You search Georgetown hat manuals. There's a primer like a few minute video just explaining what that means. It's a it's a it's basically a checklist for yourself when you're when you're doing a particular project or a task. Especially an ongoing task, a recurring one.
I have had manuals for everything myself because I don't like to remember anything like, oh, yeah. How do I do that again? How do I pay my affiliates? Oh, Here's a giant giant check with us. Right?
Do step 1 r. I did that. Step 2 r. I did that. So educating really you know, sure, you might be watching dishes and watching one of my videos.
That's great. One of my coffees. It's very funny. Like, George, I I I, you know, listen to your podcast when I'm taking a bath. I'm like, alright.
Cool. Well, it helps you relax. Great. Now, if you're if you're washing the dishes, if you're doing chores and you watch my my my course videos, great. That's fine.
Just kinda let it wash over you. Right? But when it comes to actually doing stuff with my courses, you should probably sit down for 15 minutes half hour and go, alright, I'm gonna take one lesson of something that intrigues me right now. Let's see. I think, don't feel like you have to go any of my courses.
Don't go from beginning to end. Or no. George said that I should take that one first. Fine. If you if you want to, go with your energy.
Like, you go into a course and go, Oh, that lesson. Let me just look down the list. Oh, that lesson looks really energizing to me. Go there because I try to record everything as a stand alone thing. Have you noticed?
I tried to anyway. Sometimes certain courses like Facebook ads or whatever. It's like, wait. You haven't done the Pixel yet. You haven't installed your Facebook So how can you even do?
Right? But most courses, you can go to any random lesson that that stands out to you and go, okay. Let me I have 15 minutes right now. Or half an hour from my educating time, educating myself. Let me go into the lesson that resonates with me and watch it for 10 minutes or whatever however long the video is.
And let me let me know what can I do from that lesson? Like, what's what am I actually gonna change with regards to my habits, with regards to my systems? Or is there a task I need to do? Is it what does that lesson asking me to do? Does it resonate with me?
What is asking me? If it doesn't resonate with me, let me move on to the next lesson that resonates and see if the task or the habit that it's suggesting resonates with me. If it resonates with me, okay. Let me now spend the rest of my half hour putting that thing into my hat manual or to my daily checklist or into my to do list or into my calendar to say, alright. I'm gonna I'm gonna do that thing.
Right? So really, I think that's that's the most effective way of going through my courses and therefore not spending all your time. Again, do it when you're watching dishes, when you're doing chores, when you're walking, when you're driving, you wanna listen to my courses. Right. But that's not super helpful.
That's great. That's gonna give you a good overview. But you gotta sit down for 15, 30 minutes once in a while or once a day to go, I mean, let me apply something. Right? So I hope this is helpful.

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Last updated 1 Jan 2024.