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Affil Orientation -- How to turn ANY link into your affiliate link :)

Thank you for being part of my affiliate program. In this short orientation, I'm gonna share with you 3 things. 1 is how to log in and get your affiliate links to any of my courses so that you can share that anywhere on the web and when people click on it and later they buy 1 of my courses, you'll get credited for it. Secondly, I'll show you how to turn any link on the web. Any link from my website, any of my blog posts, or any social media posts you see from me or anybody else and turn that into an affiliate link so that if you share it later if they buy 1 of my stuff, you will get credit as well.
And third, how to see the stats from whether people are clicking your links or not. So let's get going. So how do you log in to the affiliate site. Well, you simply go to my website georgcow dot com. And on the top right, you'll see log in.
And when you click on there, you'll be brought to this place. Now when you join the affiliate program, you were given a username and password. So go ahead and use that here and you'll be able to log in. Once you log in, it'll look something like this, you know, if you haven't put a picture for your profile in my account, it'll look like that. You click on here and then you click on your account.
This is a test account. You click on your account. And then when you get there, check it out. You will be able to find any of the courses you bought from me. And if you on the left hand side, click on affiliate accounts and click on here to go get into my affiliate program.
Alright. So now you're in and naturally I think it somehow goes to the bottom. Of the screen here, but I want you to know that when you get into my affiliate account, you can scroll up. And here are all the various links you can get to so for example, let's say you were sharing my my core program, simply click here and it's now copied that link into your clipboard. So if you or writing an email or putting on social media, you can simply paste the link.
And when people go there, they will be automatically if if they buy the course, this course or any other course in the future, assuming they didn't click on someone else's affiliate link, you'll get credited for this. So that's how easy it is to get a link to any of my courses just by clicking on on any of these links. Now here's the really cool thing. Custom affiliate in January. I'm so excited to share this with you because you could turn any link from my website, any of my blog posts, or any link on social media, even and put that in here and turn them into an affiliate link.
So I'll give you 2 quick examples. 1 is if you go to my website you might say, well, George, what links should I share? Well, of course, you can share my you can you could turn my homepage into into its own affiliate link. By taking my homepage, pacing in here, click on generate. And voila, once you've generated the link, right, the custom link, you can click here Copy the clipboard and test it for yourself.
Go go open a new tab and paste it. And you will see that this is a special link, which is your affiliate link to my homepage. And when you go there, it'll it'll it'll transform, but it's still the same link. I I really recommend you use the 1 that you copy from here. Not don't use the 1 that's been transformed just in case.
Okay? Use the 1 that's copied from here. Click on that. Alright. So what what what else did you share Well, I would recommend you go to my scroll down to my home page and whichever these 2 links are quite popular.
So let's say you wanted to share with people my marketing perspectives. Click on authentic marketing. Okay. Click on this. Right?
Go to your affiliate account, custom link generator, paste it in and click generate. And voila, there's the link. Go and click on it. Alright. And then now you can share it wherever on social media, etcetera.
You can also share any social media link. So for example, let's say you were on my Twitter account, And you found this Twitter thread where I answered this question. Someone wanted help with promoting their content. So I gave I gave a bunch of ideas here. And so let's say you wanted to share this thread, you can copy, you know, let's say, or whatever whatever post you see from me, a YouTube video you see from me, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Twitter, whatever you LinkedIn post, medium, anything you see from me, you can get the link.
Go to log in to the affiliate account, paste it in here, click generate, and voila, you can click on the copy to clipboard, and that's when you share that on on the web. It will automatically, you know by the way, assuming that the person who clicks on it, has not been blocking cookies. If they accept cookies, then, you know, next time they buy something from me, you'll you'll get the you'll get the credit. Now Back in the affiliate count, if you scroll all the way back up, a couple things that I want you to know about. 1 is the program orientation, which you're you're actually watching right now.
But if you wanted more information, or to ask questions in the future, you can click on program orientation. And then you can basically find it and ask your questions, you know, ask your questions below. And then the other thing I wanna show you is if you scroll up even further, you will see the the total clicks and sales and opt ins and and things like that. Or you will see the you will see the clicks that you generated for specific specific products. The sales page is the page that looks nice and talks about the program.
The order form is if you're gonna buy yourself. He's like, George, I'm ready to buy this course or whatever. Click on the link. Go to the order form. Right?
And just sign up for the program, and you'll get your your percentage back yourself and your affiliate account. So you can buy from yourself, buy my courses with your own affiliate link that way by clicking on the order form links. So I hope this helps. Please do let me know if you have any questions. You can click on purchases by the way to see who bought who yes.
So this is actually important as well. Click on purchases to see who has bought my products using your link and who they are. You can see exactly who who they are or at least you can see the customer name. That's all you can see. But I think when when someone buys, you should get an email directly from me saying who who they are and what their email address is, what they bought so that you can follow-up and congratulate them if you want to.
But this is just another place to see what their name is, the purchase link. And then it's the settings link, because I think it's the pass if you change your password there or something like that. So I hope this helps. Please do let me know if you have any questions about this. Any part of it, and I look forward to seeing how you do with the affiliate program, and I hope it's rewarding for you.
Thank you again.

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